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Stakeholder Feedback Round invitation of the project in Burkina Faso “tiipaalga F3PA cookstoves in Ganzourgou and Oubritenga”


As part of the Gold Standard project certification cycle and following the local stakeholder consultation meeting held on Thursday 28th of April 2022 in the conference room of the Plateau-Central Regional Council in Ziniaré, the Association tiipaalga, SMBC Aviation Capital and CO2logic are pleased to invite you as a stakeholder of the project “tiipaalga F3PA cookstoves in Ganzourgou and Oubritenga” (YOLS- PAGBA) to provide comments and feedback as part of the Stakeholder Feedback Round. 


The project promotes the distribution and utilisation of the mud made 3 stones efficient woodstove “F3PA” in the rural municipalities of Absouya and Nagréongo in the province of Oubritenga and the municipalities of Boudri, Mégué, Zam, Môgtédo and Zôrgho in the province of Ganzourgou in the Plateau-Central region of Burkina Faso.


The project will be certified as carbon project with the Gold Standard  Foundation and will generate carbon credits due to less fuelwood consumption needed for domestic cooking. In the context of this certification, a local stakeholder consultation (LSC) meeting has been conducted and now the Stakeholder Feedback Round is being carried out.


You are welcome to contact the Association tiipaalga ( or CO2logic ( by Email or by phone (+226 50 36 45 01 or +32 497 05 31 36) in case additional information or further explanation are necessary. Please provide comments/feedback on the documents by the 31th of
January 2023.



Link for documents (Local stakeholders report and project design document)