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CO2logic cherishes long-term relationships with its clients, partners & stakeholders. CO2logic attaches a lot of importance to loyalty, honesty and coherence. Everything evolves and changes but our values are your unmovable guarantee for excellence.

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Kristof Cuadros Perez

CO2 manager

Kristof holds a Master in Environmental Engineering from the KULeuven as well as a Master in Project Management from the University of Toulouse. Kristof has gained more than ten years of experience in project execution working for several world leading environmental service companies. As a project manager he has led the execution of different large- and medium-scale industrial design & build projects.

Before joining CO2logic, Kristof had founded a climate organization that has won 2 national awards and has reached more than 600 000 people with key messages on how to combat climate change.

Fanny De Cannière

climate accounts manager

Fanny’s interest in environmental issues and offset solutions sparked during a volunteering trip in India back in 2012. While looking for an internship on these topics to further develop her thesis, Fanny discovered CO2logic. With her master's degree in finance from ICHEC in hand, Fanny began her career as a consultant in financial services before taking on a business development role in the energy sector. It is this complementary experience that Fanny brings to CO2logic's clients to accompany them in their climate journey.

Sara Sanchez de Oliveira

CO2 Offsetting Portfolio Advisor

After 6 years working in Luxembourg and Mauritius in the financial and corporate sector, Sara realized her career was missing something crucial to her: purpose.  She enrolled in a Master’s Degree in Sustainable Development and CSR in Madrid to learn about sustainability and its’ social and environmental challenges and is now part of the climate projects team where she focuses in offsetting and carbon credits management. Surrounded by an amazing team of experts, she is using all of her previous experience, skills and recently acquired knowledge to fight for a better planet.

Nele Van der Schueren

climate projects advisor

Nele’s dream since childhood was to work on a world where biodiversity, a stable climate and a good standard of living for everybody go hand in hand. After her studies bio-science engineering at the KU Leuven, where she focused on tropical agriculture, she went looking for opportunities to help change the world for the better. At CO2logic, she works on climate projects to reduce CO2 emissions while providing better living conditions and protecting the forests.

Thomas Lengelé

finance manager

Thomas graduated from the Louvain School of Management with a master’s degree in corporate finance. After almost 4 years working in the retail industry as a business controller, he wanted to have a credible contribution regarding the climate change and add some value to a company involved in the ecological transition.

Menno Brumagne

CO2 advisor

Menno strives to act for meaningful change towards a more sustainable society. With a background in electromechanical engineering and a specialization master in sustainable finance, he started his career at Deloitte consulting and has had an educational experience as an impact investment analyst at a crowd investing platform. With this acquired knowledge, Menno will now focus his analytical mind toward responsible investments and the integration of ESG factors in investment decisions

Adrien Deseilligny

project manager

Sustainability is at the heart on the professional experience of Adrien. He spent 6 years in Sustainibility consulting completed by 9 years driving Energy Management issues for Real estate portfolios. His expertise lies around developing tailored services and digital tools for various sectors and clients. He is passionate about climate and innovation crossroads and is willing to help companies in their way to low carbon economy.

Marie Vranck

senior CO2-advisor

Marie graduated from the Louvain School of Management and specialised in the integration of environmental issues into corporate strategy with a master's degree in environmental management and innovation management.Before joining CO2logic, Marie worked in a sustainable development consultancy firm in Paris where she developed, among other things, skills in climate strategy and in eco-design tools development.


Emilie De Bassompierre

plastic advisor

An idealist at heart, Emilie is interested in the intersections of social and environmental justice and wants to contribute to the ecological transition in every way she can. She obtained her bachelor’s in Philosophy, Politics & Economics minoring in Sustainable Development. At CO2logic she has been growing the plastic-related services and hopes to help companies become more circular. She’s very keen to learn from her engineering-minded colleagues and likes to help bridging the connection between science and society.

Jonathan De clerck

senior CO2 advisor

With a dream to make the world a better place, Jonathan holds a master's degree in bio-science engineering with specialization in environmental technology from KU Leuven. The years after graduation, he worked on various projects within the soil remediation sector. With a strong interest for sustainability, Jonathan has joined the CO2logic team and is now helping companies on their way to a low-carbon economy.

Joran Ghislain

CO2 advisor

Since Joran wrote his thesis about the market uptake of bioplastics in 2019, he was convinced of the need to realize a transition towards a low-carbon economy. With a master’s degree in Business Administration in his pocket, he continued his studies with the micro degree of sustainability to further delve into many sustainability themes, including mobility and energy. With this knowledge, he works as a CO2 advisor to make organizations more sustainable.


Margaux Boutbal

CO2 advisor

Margaux's profesional and personal choices are guided by her desire to have a positive impact on our environment and its inhabitants. This wish brought her to the Master of Science Sustainable Management & Eco-Innovation at Rennes School of Business in partnership with the engineering school Ecole des Métiers de l'Environnement - Unilasalle. Working for CO2logic is in alignment with her values. It is, as well, a great opportunity to daily extend her knowledge and skills regarding climate change and environmental preservation.


Manon Willems

CO2 advisor

After obtaining a bachelor's degree in bioengineering from UCLouvain, Manon continued her studies in the Netherlands to obtain a master's degree in Biobased Sciences which aims to accelerate the transition to a low carbon society. Enthusiastic and curious, Manon is keen to reduce our environmental impact by implementing innovative solutions. She had the opportunity to put this into practice thanks to various projects she undertook around recycling and the circular economy (notably in Mali and at the Port of Rotterdam). With CO2logic, Manon wishes to embark other companies in the climate transition and meet the challenges that this includes.


Benoît Quittre


Committed for several decades to the management of international companies thanks to a degree from HEC, he saw the need to transform economic models. Firms will self-reinvent opposite environmental and societal challenges, moving from performance to resilience. To be able to make it happen Benoît gained new capabilities in environmental management from UCL. He practiced and reinforced them  by participating in the setup of the Campus for Transition in France. He is now on board with us to support together companies and communities on the way to a low carbon economy.


Victor Costenoble

climate projects advisor

Civil engineer in electro-mechanical and holder of a master's degree in management sciences, Victor is enthusiastic about the idea of ​​fully investing in supporting concrete climate projects. Because "small gestures for the planet" will not be enough to meet the challenges in the future, he is keen on the idea of ​​making a credible contribution to a low-carbon economy.


Marie Orlovski

CO2 advisor

Marie holds a Master in Commercial Engineering from ICHEC with a specialization in technology management and innovation. Both private and professional, she has always been interested in the environmental sector. During her bachelor she participated in a humanitarian reforestation project in Benin. During her Masters, it was this enthusiasm and respect for nature that led her to do her internship with CO2logic. It is with optimism and dynamism that she is happy to invest in the ecological transition.

Virginie Terlinden

LCA manager

Always aware of environmental issues, Virginie has built her entire academic and professional career while remaining faithful to her ecological values. Since obtaining her bio-engineer degree, she has worked in various fields, always pursuing the same objectives: make the scientific basis of environmental issues accessible in order to raise awareness among the various stakeholders (politicians, businesses or citizens), while proposing courses of action applicable at the individual level. 

From previous professional experience in Life Cycles Analyzes (LCA), she is currently working with CO2logic on the development of the ACV / EPD department.

Juste de Meeûs

climate action accelerator

Juste is our ‘social engineer’. His passion for sustainable development and sociology combined with his human touch helps us to guide our clients towards high-impact climate action. Over the last years, he has been working as a University Lecturer in European politics & law in Vietnam’s best public university, to then embark on a world tour. He has now joined the CO2logic team in Brussels to accelerate climate action.


Veronique De Pauw

CO2 advisor

Véronique is a bio engineer with a creative twist, versatile and always looking for new challenges. She is very enthusiastic to solve climate issues and find solutions such as protecting biodiversity and responsible consumption of natural resources. From her background in environmental technologies, she seeks to combine technical skills with a people centered approach. After working as an environmental consultant and doing research for a Belgian-Peruvian NGO on sustainable supply chains, Véronique is now part of our team as CO2 advisor, where she hopes to support and inspire organisations in achieving challenging sustainability goals.


Alexandre Maisonnier

CO2 advisor

Driven by the desire to contribute to the ecological transition, Alexandre is part of the CO2logic team as CO2 advisor. He holds a master's degree in bio engineering in environmental sciences and technologies and is particularly motivated to put his scientific skills at the service of the fight against global warming.


Audrey Corbusier

CO2 manager

Her previous experience in sustainability-related audit, advisory and reporting gives her a broad understanding of the sustainability challenges companies are facing in terms of value creation processes, compliance and market expectations.

With a background as Business Engineer, she specialized in sustainable finance and responsible investment in order to assist companies and financial institutions to integrate ESG factors into their risk management processes. The Green Deal EU action plan is now her new playground.

Géraldine Louis

climate project fundraising

Since childhood, Géraldine has been passionate about nature. She worked in the recycling industry before joining WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature) within corporate and philanthropy teams where she dedicated herself for almost 8 years to stimulating companies' CSR strategies as well as harvesting funds from major donors. Today, she joined the CO2logic team to lead fundraising campaigns for climate projects. She holds a license in commercial and consular sciences at ICHEC Brussels Management School.


Tosca Meylemans

climate projects advisor

Tosca has a master in bio-science engineering specialized in forestry production, and did an extra year of innovative entrepreneurship. She is pleased to use these skills and knowledge to increase the environmental awareness of our society and to be involved in developing sustainable initiatives, with the goal of achieving a more environmentally friendly world.


Leendert Plaetinck

communication manager

Leendert holds a McS in Ecology, specialized in Human Ecology and has strong communication skills. A great combination to contribute to CO2logic's efforts. He combines his passion for the environment with the drive and creativity to spread the message to the world. With good scientific understanding he will make even complex matters easy for you, to get everyone involved in the sustainable mindset.


Alexis Bary

CO2 advisor

Alexis is passionate about challenges linked with ecological transition, both in professional and private life. He is keen to help all active players of our society to efficiently tackle the climate emergency. Thanks to his vision and scientific background (Master in Bio-engineering from UCLouvain), he is part of the CO2logic team as a CO2 advisor.

Pieter Flamand

CO2 advisor

Pieter is driven to help organizations strengthen their value creation for society. Both during his free time and his work, he enjoys finding ways to make sustainability a fruitful and even pleasant choice. With this in mind, he found his way to CO2logic where he guides clients to a constructive relationship with the environment in which they operate.  He holds a master in Environment, Health & Safety Management and continued his learning experiences in both large and smaller sized organizations.

Nicolas De Cock

CO2 advisor

Nicolas wants to create a better future for businesses and the environment by helping partners to achieve their sustainability goals. He holds a master in Biology, specialized in Ecology. It is great to have him as well in our team.

Jeroen Hulsmans

CO2 manager

Jeroen Hulsmans is CO2 advisor, specialized in Carbon Footprint and environmental behavioral change. Jeroen combines his scientific-technical background with a human oriented approach to assist and empower partners in achieving their sustainability targets. He holds a Master in Bioscience Engineering, specialized in Land and Forest Management

Anne Robertz

managing director Greentripper

Anne is managing director of Greentripper, the subsidiary of CO2logic dedicated to travel. Together with ambassadors and a growing number of climate partners - tourism professionals - Anne promotes, the online calculator which offers every traveller the opportunity to calculate and compensate their environmental impact by supporting certified climate projects. Anne also helps companies in their efforts to reduce the climate impact of their business trips. She holds degrees in Business Engineering and International Relations complemented with a Carbon Strategic Management Certificate.

Carlos Garcia Borreguero

partner & project director

Carlos is project director with 10 years experience in climate change consulting. He leads different assignments, such as emissions reduction plans and climate neutrality strategies for multinational and listed companies, as well as for the major European Institutions. He is also working on the development of carbon mitigation projects under different voluntary standards (VCS and Gold Standard) in Africa and South America. He holds a Master in Business Engineering from Solvay Business School and a Master in Sustainable Development from the Industrial Organization School of Madrid.


Eric Dierckx

partner, project director & managing director Naturalogic

His past experience in M&A and Sustainability Audit & Strategy consulting allows Eric to have a broad view of the sustainability challenges companies are facing.  His drive is to help companies remain competitive while reducing their impact on the environment.


Mathieu Cribellier

project director

Willing to help organisations to success in their climate and environmental transition, Mathieu puts his scientific and communication skills together to ensure the best approach combining ambition, realism and added value.


Herman Noppen

partner & climate project director


Laura Shahbenderian

project director & LCA expert

With an experience of more than 12 years, Laura is our specialist in multicriteria Life Cycle Assessments (LCA), Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) and Product carbon footprints . She is also specialized in developing reduction plans with the industry sector and helps organisations to set-up their climate impact reduction strategies (for public as well as for private companies).


Jan Janssen

partner & project director

Jan has a degree (Ir.) in civil electro-mechanical engineering and several other environmental certificates. Since 2009, Jan has helped to shape CO2logic and gained extended knowledge in all domains of our core activities. 

Antoine Geerinckx

founder & impact development

His passion for climate & environmental issues are a daily drive to orchestrate added value services for organisations willing to pioneer and be part of the urgent transition towards a low impact economy.


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