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CO2logic cherishes long-term relationships with its clients, partners & stakeholders. CO2logic attaches a lot of importance to loyalty, honesty and coherence. Everything evolves and changes but our values are your unmovable guarantee for excellence.

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Jeroen Hulsmans

CO2 Advisor

Jeroen Hulsmans is CO2 advisor, specialized in Carbon Footprinting and environmental behavioral change. Jeroen combines his scientific-technical background with a human oriented approach to assist and empower partners in achieving their sustainability targets. He holds a Master in Bioscience Engineering, specialized in Land and Forest Management

Anne Robertz


With ten years experience in product management and marketing innovation projects, Anne's focus is to combine economic and sustainable development approaches of new or existing business projects. She holds degrees in Business Engineering and in International Relations complemented with a  Carbon Strategic Management Certificate.

Carlos Garcia Borreguero

CO2 advisor & CDP specialist

Carlos Garcia-Borreguero is a senior consultant with 5+ years  experience in climate change consulting. He holds a Master in Business Engineering from Solvay Business School and a Master's in Sustainable Development from the Industrial Organization School of Madrid.



Arnaud Brohé

CEO CO2logic Inc.

Arnaud is a seasoned consultant with international experience in carbon management, sustainability and ESG. Arnaud carried out the first carbon audits for the EU Emission Trading System sites back in 2005, was among the first consultants to calculate the carbon footprint of complex organizations (banks, chemical factories, universities, cities, etc.) and products (beer, chocolate, textile, cooling systems, etc.). Arnaud was co-author of several landmark reports, including for the European Commission. He published extensively on carbon accounting and carbon markets. His book Carbon Markets, for which Lord Nicholas Stern wrote the foreword, was awarded a prize by the American Library Association. Besides his role as CEO of CO2logic Inc., Arnaud is a professor of sustainable management at the Université Libre de Bruxelles and a guest lecturer at Imperial College London where he teaches carbon accounting in the MSc Climate Change, Management & Finance.


Kristof Descheemaeker

Project Director Energy

Kristof has studied two masters in civil engineering : in energy and in architecture. As a specialist in HVAC, BREEAM and energy modelling, he first operated in the construction sector. Within CO2logic, Kristof’s main focus relates to ESCO services towards clients.


Eric Dierckx

Managing Director Naturalogic

His past experience in M&A and Sustainability Audit & Strategy consulting allow Eric to have a broad view of the sustainability challenges companies are facing.  His drive is to help companies remain competitive while reducing their impact on the environment.


Mathieu Cribellier

Project Director

Willing to help organisations to success in their climate and environmental transition, Mathieu puts his scientific and communication skills together to ensure the best approach combining ambition, realism and added value.


Herman Noppen

Project Director


Laura Shahbenderian

CO2 & LCA expert

Before working at CO2logic, Laura has experience working one year as an EU ETS verifier (Emission Trading System) for Ernst & Young and five years as a carbon consultant for Factor-X, The Climate Consulting Group, specifically for implementation of climate change action plans for the public and private sectors


Stéphane Schumpp

CO2 consultant – Energy specialist

Stéphane Schumpp is an energy specialist and CO2 consultant. As an engineer in the energy sector, he is fully invested in sustainable innovations. Stephane specializes in environmental impact studies and energy efficiency strategies.

Jan Janssen

Project Director

Jan has a degree (Ir.) in civil electro-mechanical engineering and several other environmental certificates. Since 2009 Jan has helped to shape CO2logic and gained extended knowledge in all domains of our core activities. 

Antoine Geerinckx

Founder & CEO

His passion for climate & environmental issues are a daily drive to orchestrate added value services for organisations willing to pioneer and be part of the urgent transition towards a low impact economy.


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