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Through the reduction of impacts, energy costs & fossil fuel dependencies organisations become more resilient & gain in competitiveness

Reducing your impact on the climate


Today, organisations cannot display credible corporate social responsibility (CSR) policies if they do not include a climate plan. In a globalised economic model, we have a local and global responsibility, and we are all concerned by the impacts of climate change.

Financial benefits
Reduce your operating costs


Dependence on fossil fuels, energy inefficiencies, waste and recurring energy costs all have an impact on companies' bottom lines. CO2logic's services will help you identify and optimise these financial costs.

Human benefits
Attracting, motivating and developing talent


Respect for the environment and climate action are increasingly important and motivating values for employees. A recent study by Yale University also shows that applicants for higher education attach a great deal of importance to climate and environmental issues when choosing their next employer.

Reputational benefits
Attracting and retaining customers


As opposed to greenwashing, communicating authentically about your climate action can help you develop your network and differentiate yourself from competitors. To do this, ensure your image and marketing message match your real efforts. Consistency, transparency, and authenticity are the keys.

Increased competitiveness


Imagine reducing your environmental impact and your operating costs, while increasing the motivation and loyalty of your teams and attracting new customers...

“Our efforts in favour of the environment also helped us to win some important clients that are sensitive to this.”

Marc Du Bois, CEO Spadel