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Eating Point obtains the label "CO2Neutral catering"!

05 / 2018

More than just a catering service, Eating Point is a catering service that offers not only original formulas with a healthy and environmentally friendly diet but also henceforth proposes a CO2 neutral catering service

AIRSCAN helps you improve your Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

03 / 2018

Airscan calcule et améliore la qualité de l’air au travail


AIRSCAN is the answer for organisations that want to provide good indoor air quality to their workforce. Indoor Air Quality has a direct influence on health, performance and motivation at work. By measuring & improving the indoor air quality AIRSCAN wants to have a positive impact on sustainable development with respect for people’s health. 

World Energy Outlook 2017 event

03 / 2018

On Thursday 1st February 2018 Executive Director of the international Energy Agency (IEA) Fatih Birol presented the yearly evaluation and outlook on worldwide Energy trends at the “World Energy Outlook 2017”. Four large-scale, some unexpected, upheavals were elaborated in more detail:

Society saves $6 for every dollar spent on climate change resilience

01 / 2018

In financial terms, 2017 was the worst year for natural disasters in American history, costing the country $306 billion. Scientists agree that hurricanes, floods, and fires are now turbo-charged by climate change, which the president and many top Republican leaders still refuse to acknowledge. But even while the federal government fails to address the root of the problem, there are ways to limit the damage from these increasingly frequent events — in property, and, more importantly, in human life.

The Corporate Carbon Pricing Tool

01 / 2018

Increasing carbon regulation through taxes, emissions trading schemes, and fossil fuel extraction fees will feature prominently in global efforts to address climate change, with carbon prices already implemented in 40 countries and 20 cities and regions.

Happy New Year!

01 / 2018

This was CO2logic in 2017, this was possible thanks to YOU 

a very intensive year with important realisations & achievements 

Pan-European analysis shows biggest companies leading on environmental action, while rest must close gap

11 / 2017

The largest pan-European review of the region’s major companies’ action on climate change, water security and deforestation is published today by CDP, the non-profit holding the world’s biggest corporate environmental dataset. 

Europe's major companies are leaders in global action against climate change, water risks, and deforestation.

11 / 2017

With European companies well-represented in the CDP A List 2017 for climate, water and forests, the corporate world on the continent is already in a leadership position.


That includes the 24% companies using internal carbon pricing, or the 81% factoring water management into their business strategy.

But only leading 5% of the 540-strong sample are future-proofing their growth by committing to set science-based targets and 57% are yet to respond to CDP’s climate change questionnaire.

National Australian Bank makes $55bn financing commitment as part of climate change strategy

11 / 2017

NAB has released its 2017 Sustainability Report, which details how the bank is creating value for customers, employees, environment, shareholders and the community.

Turn sustainability into a game!

11 / 2017

Gamification is hot, no doubt about it. Companies such as Nike, Siemens, Dell, eBay and Cisco are investing heavily in it. Games are powerful tools that can engage users on a higher level. That is why we joined forces with For Good., the online tool that helps you limit the climate impact of your travels 1 year later!

10 / 2017

A year ago, CO2logic decided to launch Greentripper, the platform that helps travellers limit their impact on the climate. For a small amount, travellers can neutralize the CO2 impact of their flight or the mileage they drive and support a (certified) project for the climate through concrete action. 

Reporting climate risk is a major business opportunity

10 / 2017

All companies soon will have to account for climate risk — that was the clear message of the recommendations released in June by the G20 Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD), led by financial heavyweights Mark Carney and Michael Bloomberg. It is increasingly the message of shareholders, too.

Three-quarters of companies don't acknowledge climate risks

10 / 2017

Business as usual won't protect assets from climate risk.

Investors and regulators around the world may be increasingly vocal in their demands for listed firms to report on climate-related risks, but a clear majority of companies remain deaf to their calls.

That is the stark conclusion of a new report from consultancy giant KPMG, which reveals that 72 percent of large and mid-cap companies worldwide do not acknowledge the financial risks of climate change in their annual financial reports. 

Support The Skateroom (a CO2-Neutral company) in the build of a new skateistan skate school in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

10 / 2017

A new Skate School is under construction in Phnom Penh, Cambodia for Skateistan, the non-profit organization empowering children through skateboarding and education. Skateistan has been active in Cambodia since 2012, when it opened the original Skate School in Phnom Penh, and expanded to run programs in Sihanoukville in late 2015.

Door and windows manufacturer Engls NV renews CO2 Neutral label once again this year

10 / 2017

Engels NV has renewed its CO2 Neutral label for the 5th year in a row. The CO2 Neutral label guarantees that Engels NV has its CO2 emissions calculated and makes efforts to reduce their impact on the climate. The remaining CO2 emissions, estimated at 281 tonnes CO2e, is offset by Engels NV by supporting the Saving Trees climate project. 


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