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Heat waves and Ozone Concentration

08 / 2020

Tips from on how to protect yourself during heat waves and high Ozone concentrations.

‘World first’ full-electric delivery vehicle to be trialled in London

08 / 2020

DPD -a CO2logic client- and Volta Trucks have joined forces to pilot a full-electric delivery vehicle in London.

Tiipaalga consultation

07 / 2020

Tiipaalga together with its carbon consultant partner CO2logic is pleased to invite you as stakeholder to provide comments on the design change relating the F3PA cookstove project in Bam/Loroum in Burkina Faso.

Climate consultancy firm CO2logic guides companies and organisations towards plastic neutrality

07 / 2020

‘Plastic Neutral’ label builds financial bridge between the corporate world and more sustainable global clean-ups & recycling

Hollebeekhoeve achieves CO2 Neutrality

07 / 2020

This makes them the first fully CO2-neutral dairy company.

We are a rising star

07 / 2020

The Tegstove climate project is recognised as a 'rising star' project by the European Business awards for the Environment.

Improve air quality to combat COVID-19

06 / 2020

Indoor air quality analysis and improvement by airscan to combat covid-19

A clean energy future with hydrogen could be closer than we think

06 / 2020

Could 2020 mark a major turning point for the global clean energy transition – with hydrogen at its core? 

NGroup - the only CO2 neutral media group in Belgium

06 / 2020

For many years, NGroup makes daily efforts to reduce its carbon footprint. The company has been certified “CO2-Neutral” since 2014 and is recognized, to date, as the only CO2-Neutral media group in Belgium.

Awards for Best Belgian Sustainability Reports

06 / 2020

Apply for award of the Best Belgian Sustainability Report

Green Deal as motor for economic recovery

04 / 2020

Ursula von der Leyen promised to put the European Green Deal at the centre of the EU’s recovery plan.

Belfius becomes the first major bank in Belgium to be certified CO2 Neutral®

04 / 2020

Partnering with CO2logic, Belfius also helps businesses and
Belgian local authorities to become carbon-neutral

CO2logic launches new website around CO2-NEUTRAL label on Earth Day

04 / 2020

Easier recognition of climate responsibility thanks to CO2-NEUTRAL label

Matthys Wines is a CO2-NEUTRAL company.

04 / 2020

They lead the climate action trend in their market and became CO2-NEUTRAL

The impact of CO2logic’s community in 2019

03 / 2020

CO2logic made an important positive impact in 2019. This was only possible with the support of our clients and partners.


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