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Green Deal as motor for economic recovery

04 / 2020

Ursula von der Leyen promised to put the European Green Deal at the centre of the EU’s recovery plan.

Belfius becomes the first major bank in Belgium to be certified CO2 Neutral®

04 / 2020

Partnering with CO2logic, Belfius also helps businesses and
Belgian local authorities to become carbon-neutral

CO2logic launches new website around CO2-NEUTRAL label on Earth Day

04 / 2020

Easier recognition of climate responsibility thanks to CO2-NEUTRAL label

Matthys Wines is a CO2-NEUTRAL company.

04 / 2020

They lead the climate action trend in their market and became CO2-NEUTRAL

The impact of CO2logic’s community in 2019

03 / 2020

CO2logic made an important positive impact in 2019. This was only possible with the support of our clients and partners.

Covid-19 measures CO2logic

03 / 2020

CO2logic will do its part in limiting the effects of the current covid-19 pandemic.


01 / 2020

CMB is pleased to announce its long-term CO2 reduction strategy:
1. All carbon emissions from CMB operations will be completely offset as from 2020
2. CMB will invest in new technologies to operate a zero carbon fleet by 2050

Gantoise becomes first CO2-neutral sportsclub

01 / 2020

The honour of being the first Belgian CO2-neutral sportsteam goes to Gantoise Hockey and Tennis.


A first in Brussels: ‘The lung in the city’

01 / 2020

Parking '2 Portes' in Brussels is the first representative of a new generation of car parks. It was recently equipped with a new system for neutralising fine particles that purifies the ambient air and makes it less harmful to health. Parking 2 Portes will thus become a real lung in the city.

These are the top risks facing the world in 2020

01 / 2020

For the first time the global risks report is dominated by the environment

Top 10 warmest Years on Record

01 / 2020

The global numbers are in, and 2019 was the 2nd warmest year on record—wrapping up the hottest decade ever recorded. The past five years have been the hottest five on record for the second year running. 

Deceuninck – Quick-Step to become carbon neutral cycling team

01 / 2020

Belgian team to also begin a program of cultural and behavioural changes, as part of it #itstartswithus sustainability campaign.

25th United Nations Climate Change conference (COP 25): ‘Africa’s future depends on solidarity’ Leaders and development partners rally around climate change goals

12 / 2019

There was standing room only as ministers, diplomats, activists and journalists gathered at the IFEMA conference centre in Madrid to mark Africa Day at the COP 25 climate meeting.


CO2logic is looking for a climate change consultant

11 / 2019

CO2logic is seeking a motivated experienced Consultant who is interested in supporting CO2logic’s Corporate Climate Strategy team. This person will join our team providing technical expertise and hands on implementation support and innovative solutions to clients across a range of sectors.

IT’S A FIRST: The Sequoia organic store chain becomes the first 100% carbon neutral retail food chain

11 / 2019

Ø The carbon neutrality of Sequoia is self-evident for the pioneer of organic foods, and an unprecedented initiative in its sector
Ø The choice of concrete investments in agroforestry projects full of meaning in Belgium and abroad


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