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Carbolean and CO2logic are partners!


Carbolean and CO2logic are partners!

Collecting data required for defining accurately your carbon footprint can sometimes be challenging for large, complex, or multi-sites organizations. We permanently work with you to enable and facilitate this essential step on your journey towards low carbon operations.


With this in mind, CO2logic recently announced its collaboration with Carbolean to market the new service together. This digital application connects to the energy providers’ portal to automate data collection and calculate GHG emissions from buildings and vehicles. And it can update data in real time.


“Initially we created CYC2 to help companies better control their mobile communication expenses”, told its co-founder, Frédéric Witmeur, to L’Echo on August 6th. “We connect directly to the invoice registers of our customers on the portal of their telecom providers. Last year we came with the idea of applying this monitoring system to GHG emissions.”


Several well-established companies like Zetes or Swift already use Carbolean for reporting and monitoring their carbon footprint. CYC2 and CO2logic have seen the benefits of partnering on Carbolean to the benefit of their customers. Carbolean enables direct and real-life access to data. CO2logic can then advise its users for assessing its environmental impact, set reduction targets, define decarbonization strategies, take credible climate action and monitor its progress.


We are currently experimenting our collaboration, particularly to integrate scope 3 data, and aim at offering a joint solution to customers from both companies, so that embarking on a climate journey would be easier than ever.


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