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Net Zero and Beyond: A Deep-dive on Climate Leaders and What’s Driving Them


Net zero


South Pole's 2022 net zero report took a closer look at over 1,200 private companies across 12 countries and 15 sectors with a sustainability or corporate social responsibility lead to get an indication of how some of the more climate-aware companies in the market are progressing (or not) on their net zero journey today.


Among sustainability-minded organisations, the trajectory for net zero is positive: more net zero targets are being set by companies than ever before, with more science-based targets to back them up, and they're being led by more ambitious timelines. And despite the dire global economic outlook, businesses are investing more – not less – in reaching their net zero targets.


However, South Pole's 2022 net zero research also shows that one in four businesses do not plan to talk about their science-aligned climate targets, which points to a surprising new trend: so-called "green-hushing"


Interested in learning more about how other companies are pursuing their net zero journey? Download our latest report.