Credible Climate Action
CO2 neutral

Since 2007 CO2logic has developed a unique 4-step approach. It is a simple yet effective plan providing outstanding results working for all types of organisations.

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1. Calculate

The first step is to assess & calculate the current carbon footprint. The calculation can be performed for products, services, organisations, operations, events, etc. It allows us to objectively identify the opportunities & threats related to CO2. Thus enabling a company to have a global overview of the different impacts and compare them in CO2 equivalents, each according to their global warming potential (GWP).

2. Reduce

This clears the path for identifying the most urgent and interesting carbon reduction opportunities. To accelerate your CO2 reductions combined with energy cost savings, CO2logic supports companies in organizing various reduction activities and third party financing.

3. Offset

The currently incompressible CO2 emissions will be offset by supporting certified climate projects. It is important to note that only certified climate projects offer the right guarantees for a robust climate strategy. CO2logic is also recognised as the Belgian expert in this field. 

4. Communicate

Companies making efforts to reduce their climate impact deserve to be recognised. We provide support in internal and external communication with stakeholders to stimulate buy-in & recognition.

Completing this 4-step approach leads to the internationally recognized CO2-Neutral label

Offsetting explained in 2 minutes

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