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The City of Brussels' Climate Plan

09 / 2016


The City of Brussels has made a firm commitment by developing its Climate Plan! But to achieve this, the City needs fresh ideas from Brussels residents. Until the end of October, Brussels residents are invited to take part in the development of the climate plan for their City. A list will be drawn up with a series of actions and pledges, enabling us to prepare ourselves for climate and energy change.


The plan is structured in two phases:


1. The carbon assessment of the City

The City has already measured the CO2 emissions generated by the activities taking place in its territory. The initial results of this carbon assessment are encouraging:

Ahmed El Ktibi confirms: «These initial results are impressive and I’m sure most people are unaware of them. Sustainable initiatives have already been implemented by the City, but efforts still need to be made if we want to achieve the European objectives
for 2030. I am proud to be able to announce these encouraging initial results, and I’m looking forward to discovering the ideas for the Climate from Brussels residents and our City officials!»


2. Drafting of the Climate Plan

After the diagnostic phase, the City of Brussels will make a series of commitments on other areas, thanks to the Climate Plan, to reduce its CO2 emissions even further.

Getting inspiration from Brussels residents


The City aims to involve Brussels residents in the process. A series of participatory workshops will be organised to identify the problems and the local issues, and to suggest solutions. The participants will tackle various subjects: sustainable food, urban agriculture, sustainable consumption, nature in the city and «low carbon» mobility. Brussels residents who don’t have the possibility to take part in these workshops can also propose their ideas on the Climate Plan website .


Parallel to these workshops for residents, the City of Brussels will organise an internal workshop which will enable collaboration between City officials. With the assistance of the consultancies CO2logic and EcoRes, the City of Brussels will bring together and summarise the ideas proposed during the various workshops. These ideas will form the basis of the drafting of a local policy report Energy Climate: the Climate Plan of the City of Brussels. This will be presented in March 2017.

Yvan Mayeur confirms “European cities hold key positions in local politics. They are close to the citizens and can competently meet their needs. Our cities play a key role in our sustainable future, improving our living conditions and reorganizing our living spaces.”

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