Credible Climate Action

It guarantees that labelled organisations are actively calculating, reducing and compensating their local and global climate impact. As opposed to “greenwashing”, this label can only be achieved through serious climate efforts. Validated by Vinçotte.

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CO2logic offers the CO2-Neutral certification to organisations that calculate, reduce and offset their climate impact. Since 2015 our CO2-Neutral label is also validated by Vinçotte, an international independent certification body. There are many CO2-Neutral certifications around the world but few are third party validated by a serious & credible certifier. 


This “CO2-Neutral” label not only guarantees real climate protection efforts, it also empowers companies to break through the fog of empty environmental claims.. This label is for consumers and procurement departments of any organization seeking to buy more responsibly. This label is for our planet as the recognition of real efforts stimulates others to do so as well.

CO2 Neutral Protocol

Together with Vinçotte, we at CO2logic developed a CO2-Neutral protocol based on PAS 2060, the first CO2-Neutrality standard. This clear process for reaching CO2-Neutrality is a guarantee for universal and cross-sectorial climate effort recognition. For more information visit:


The CO2 Neutral label

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