Credible Climate Action

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Context: Netherlands (Amsterdam), 2011


Challenge: Calculate and reduce their CO₂ emissions and attain CO₂  neutrality


Partnership: WPG is a publishing company active in the Netherlands and Belgium. This company is very attentive to the future of our planet and has been looking for a solid, structural and quantifiable approach to reduce the its climate impact and to become CO₂  neutral by 2020. To create a solid base, CO2logic carried out a carbon assessment on the 10 sites (+700 employees) and activities of WPG. Doing so, not only scope 1 and 2 assessments were applied, but also indirect emissions under scope 3 were investigated, stimulating the reduction of emissions among WPG’s suppliers.


Results: The advice and guidance of CO2logic have enabled WPG to build a solid base for sustainable development combining CO₂ reduction with declined energy costs while improving the company’s image. Since 2013, WPG has offset its irreducible direct emissions to become CO₂ neutral for this specific perimeter.

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