Credible Climate Action

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VP Capital is a sustainability and innovation driven Belgian/Dutch Family Office which is committed to contribute to sustainable progress. As a family of investors, they have been pursuing a sustainability strategy since 2018 in which their entire portfolio is screened for sustainable progress. Each investment is given a sustainability score, which leads up to one total portfolio score. In doing so, VP Capital always looks at both reducing the negative impact or effects with their businesses, investments, donations, innovations and increasing the positive impact of their portfolio.

Since 2018, VP Capital and its participations have already been able to reduce a large percentage of emissions. Since 2019, VP Capital has become a CO2-Neutral Company covering their entire scope from their own operations (scope 1 and 2) to their participation in several of their direct investments (meaning the apportioned scope 1 & 2 of Havep, Q-lite and VP Energie. Since 2020 also for Batenburg Techniek and VP Landbouw). While some investments such as their participation in Mediahuis, in some mutual funds and the real estate portfolio remain currently out of scope for the offset strategy, VP Capital has committed to the Science Based targets initiative.

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