Credible Climate Action

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Context: Belgium, 2010-2011


Challenge: To check how much less CO₂ is being emitted when buying products via eco-vouchers compared to ordinary products


Partnership: In order to assess how much greenhouse gas is being emitted using certain ecological products, Sodexo (provider of the Eco Pass® vouchers) partnered with CO2logic. The mission was to calculate how much CO₂ was saved during the life cycle of 10 ecological products, compared to 10 ordinary products (energy saving bulbs, washing machines, ecological shower heads, solar panels…).


Results: The study revealed that by buying products with eco-vouchers, a considerable amount of CO₂ can be saved. Not only does the procurement of ecological products result in a reduced climate impact, moreover in many cases it provides the buyer with a significant financial benefit. The following products are among the measures that saved most of the energy: shower head, roof insulation and the use of the bicycle for short distances.  The research concluded that by buying eco-friendly alternatives via eco-vouchers, over 40.000 tonnes of CO₂ may be reduced annually.

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