Credible Climate Action

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Client :

Sarah Pacini


Context: Worldwide Offices & Boutiques - 2019



Sarah Pacini has launched several initiatives to become more sustainable in herits business (such as bio-sourced fibers).

Climate change has been considered as a majorterial topic and Sarah Pacini needed assistance to assess theits first carbon footprint the company on a large scope including offices, boutiques and freight.



CO2logic helped Sarah Pacini to clearly identify all the data to be collected in order to calculate an extended carbon footprint. It has involved 3 offices and 37 boutiques in Europe and North America.



In 2019, CO2logic has delivered to Sarah Pacini its first carbon footprint report with an extended analysis of all the significant CO2 impact sources, including insights related to the CO2 impact linked to the fashion products themselves. 

Following the presentation of the results, Sarah Pacini decided to work on an ambitious CO2 reduction plan covering all the significant impacts and to take full responsibility for the climate impact of its operations by getting the “CO2-Neutral” label in 2020, through the support of a cookstoves project in Ghana and a water borehole project in Uganda, both certified under the Gold Standard certification scheme.

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