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Context: USA (New York), 2013-present


Challenge: To help Le Pain Quotidien pursue its commitments to sustainability by rendering its New York-based restaurants carbon neutral.


Partnership: Le Pain Quotidien is an all-day restaurant chain that is considered an energy-intensive business. CO2logic has helped identify its major sources of energy consumption and leakages. By adopting the various quick-win solutions we proposed, Le Pain Quotidien was able to significantly reduce its carbon footprint and energy bill within the first year of improvements. The chain is emerging as a leader in inspiring both customers and suppliers, on how to reduce their carbon footprint.


Results: Most of the installed energy-saving solutions have a payback time of 4 years or less, with a potential net gain of several $100,000 in the years to come. By simply switching to LED lighting, the chain has already reduced by 20% its carbon footprint per restaurant. Other measures have impacted the chain’s internal design, management and food offerings, while further reducing hundreds of tons of CO₂. Through CO2logic’s carbon offsetting projects, Le Pain Quotidien has simultaneously helped over 2,000 African families and reduced the rest of its carbon footprint. By 2020, the chain will have rendered its global network carbon neutral. 

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