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Context: Belgium, 2015-


Challenge: To propose a vision leading to a strong reduction of the energy footprint of new and existing buildings.


Partnership: D’Ieteren is a company which provides import, logistics as well as distribution of car brands (sa. VW, Audi, Seat, Porche) in Belgium. In 2015, CO2logic executed two different studies to propose energy-saving measures. On basis of cutting edge energy techniques, CO2logic provided a detailed list of innovative methods that can be applied within D’Ieteren’s premises. This was followed by a quickscan of the Porche center building (Wommelgem), delivering a list of measures to increase efficiency the HVAC installations, as well as a vision to render the groups new and old buildings more efficient.


Results: Thanks to the obtained results, D’Ieteren was able to assess the current energy consumption of its buildings and how to diminish it, aiming at its engagement of producing half of its own energy by 2018. In 2016, CO2logic was asked to set up a thorough evaluation of some of the group’s core buildings, and to come up with as well as implement measures leading to a more sustainable management of all of D’Ieteren’s premises.


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