Credible Climate Action

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Lyreco is a one of the first worldwide distributors of workplace solutions. 

Lyreco is working on keeping the emissions as low as possible. Emissions have been reduced by 17% on group level since 2010 and by 28% for the Benelux. 

This has been done by optimizing the delivery and ordering behaviours, ecodriving, electrical and LPG fleet, video-conferencing, sustainable buildings, bundling of orders, energy saving progams, renewable energy, e-trading, no filling in the packaging, resource saving materials, etc. 

Since the core business of Lyreco is delivering workplace solutions, greening their core business means offering greener products and distribute them in a sustainable manner. 

Sales of green products have increased to 45% on group level. And the emissions from distribution have been reduced considerable in the past years. 

The emission from distribution that cannot be reduced are offset since 2014. In total 16.696 tCO2 has been offset over the years supporting several climate projects. 

This corresponds to: 


2,881 tonnes of saved charcoal

2596.7 tonnes of saved coal

17,283 tonnes of saved wood

1,010 # cookstoves needed taking into account the lifetime of stove

177,761 # saved trees

107 # saved hectares

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