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Context:  public transport and mobility in Luxembourg 2017


Challenge:  Calculation of the carbon footprint and CO2 benefit from the implementation of a new tramway network


Partnership:  CO2logic was commissioned by Luxtram to determine the carbon footprint relating to the construction of a rail line as well as its management and maintenance infrastructure. The study is divided into two separate parts:

  1. Analyse an initial 5.5 km section connecting Point-Rouge and Luxexpo foreseen for the end of 2017
  2. Expand the entire line by 2021, which will link Findel with the Cloche d’Or stop.


Following this situational analysis, the CO2 saved thanks to the modal shift generated by the implementation of the tramway line was also assessed.



Taking into account an average of 20,000 per day passengers on the first section and an initial carbon footprint of 20,951 tCO2e relating to the construction, the emissions avoided by using the tramway would offset the initial impact of the project in approximately 6 years of operation. It is important to note that the building for the management and maintenance of the tramway trainsets has already been dimensioned to host the extension of the line by 2021.


On the other hand, the level of CO2 emissions due to the extension of the line will be neutralized after only 10 months of operation. This brief period is due to a significantly higher use of 110,000 passengers per day and underscores the positive contribution of the Luxtram project.  


It is vital to note that these lines will feed 9 modal exchange stations.  Moreover, an important increase in the number of jobs is expected at the stops served. Socio-economic repercussions are therefore expected over and on top of the CO2 benefit.


CO2logic is proud to contribute to the diversification of public transport and the development of sustainable mobility. For more information on the extension of the tramway, please go the Luxtram website:


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