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context: France (13 owned restaurants)


challenge: To help Le Pain Quotidien France renew its commitments to sustainability by assisting its 13 Paris-based restaurants in their carbon neutral journey, as initiated in 2016.


partnership: Le Pain Quotidien is an all-day restaurant chain that is considered an energy-intensive business. CO2logic has helped identify its major sources of energy consumption and leakages together with its strengths in terms of low carbon food offer. The chain is emerging as a leader in inspiring both customers and suppliers, on how to reduce their carbon footprint.


result:  All the 13 restaurants carbon performance have been analysed, with a specific focus on energy consumptions or freight related to the food products. A first quantified impact related to the food production has also been assessed in order to highlight its important contribution to climate impact. Offering plant-based, seasonable, organic and local food menus is, by far, the first way for Le Pain Quotidien to efficiently contribute to the fight against climate change.

Finally, Le Pain Quotidien France has renewed for 2020 its commitments to support our Ghana cookstoves project, a Gold Standard certified climate project, in order to globally reduce all the CO2 emissions that have not been yet locally reduced.


Sector: Food & Beverage
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