Credible Climate Action

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Context: Brussels, Belgium, 2013


Challenge: To introduce radical measures to reduce the CO₂-emissions of Holcim’s logistical activities with 20% over 5 years.


Partnership: Holcim fabricates and delivers several products for the building sector as well as public works, the concrete industry and prefabricates. Since a few years, the company organizes several activities to reduce its ecological footprint. Obtaining the Lean & Green Award was just a logical next step, and CO2logic was selected to cram the company for this mission within a short time span. Both the supply chain as well as the logistical activities were assessed to provide solutions on how to considerably reduce the CO₂-emissions. Since then, CO2logic is reporting on the progress of the reduction measures yearly.  


Results: Thanks to the company’s efforts (changing to local suppliers, eco-driving lessons, modal shift, …), CO2logic was able to prove that the emissions of Holcim’s logistical activities will diminish by 20% by 2018. By doing so, Holcim was awarded the Lean & Green Award by the VIL (Flemish Institute for Logistics) in May 2013.


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