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Context: Belgium, 2010-2012


Challenge: To measure the carbon footprint of GS1 Belgilux logistic activities in order to better understand the impact of their activities and identify ways to reduce their CO₂-emissions.


Partnership: GS1 is an association whose purpose is to optimise efficiency and cooperation between its members, manufacturers or distributors of consumer goods (FMCG). Together with their partner Tri-Vizor, CO2logic opted for the ADEME-method to calculate the emissions for the logistical activities of companies as Dr. Oetker, Ferrero, Heinz, Carrefour, Colruyt and Delhaize. This sparked the development of a specific CO₂-calculator, which supports these companies to calculate their own footprint. Afterwards, a best-practice guide was put together, providing insights on how to optimize  companies’ logistics as well as reduce emissions and energy costs.


Results: Thanks to CO2logic’s intervention, these companies are now aware of their carbon footprint and can regularly calculate it so as to continually improve their results. One major surprise was the significant part generated by the goods warehouses’ consumption of energy and refrigerant gases in the global assessment (up to 30% for some businesses).


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