Credible Climate Action

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Scope: Scope 1 + 2 + 3 (business trips, commuting, food, paper, waste, IT equipment, freight)


Ethias has calculated its carbon footprint for many years over a very wide scope. In order to reduce its climatic impact, numerous reduction actions have already been implemented, notably relating to the reduction of energy consumption, the improvement of equipment in buildings, the implementation of new office management processes (free-chilling), the intra-European purchasing policy to limit travel, the car fleet, and finally on the development of innovative products such as eco-tariffs rewarding “CO2 friendly” behavior.


In addition, Ethias has developed a dynamic mobility policy. Carpooling and soft mobility are strongly encouraged among staff, in particular through the provision of facilities for these "eco-employees". Reserved parking, loan of "company bikes" as part of the "All active bikes" program, full reimbursement of public transport subscriptions,... are some material incentives that promote better respect for the environment.


In addition, Ethias has decided to go further this year and take full responsibility for its climate impact by offsetting its residual emissions. For this, Ethias has chosen to support a forest conservation and sustainable agriculture project in Zambia, certified by the VCS standard. More than 395 farmers have benefited from the support of Ethias, whose actions have achieved the following positive impacts:


• 1,177,086 trees saved

• 2,552 hectares of protected forests

• 5,495 tCO2 sequestered 

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