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Enabel takes responsibility for the climate impact of its flights


With the help of CO2logic, Enabel offsets its climate impact, while in the process improving the livelihoods of families in Uganda and further contributing to sustainable development.



Enabel, the Belgian development agency, has been working hard on sustainable development all around the globe. But in the process of doing so, one should not forget to look at the climate impact they are making one self.


A lot of effort has been done to lower the agency’s carbon footprint but some CO2 emissions could not be avoided. For managing Enabel’s projects abroad, taking flights was inevitable. Those flights are responsible for emitting greenhouse gasses we rather not have into our atmosphere. Because in the long term we will all suffer the consequences of this.


That is why Enabel teamed up with CO2logic to tackle this problem, and to come with a solution for its impact. CO2logic is an environmental agency that manages certified CO2 offsetting projects in developing countries. The greenhouse gasses we emit here are offset by projects there that keep CO2 out of the atmosphere. This results in Enabel being carbon neutral on its flights, allowing them to be more sustainable in their actions.


The project ‘saving trees’ that is supported by Enabel, invests in improved cookstoves for families in Uganda. In Uganda most of the population relies on wood to cook daily meals, this practice however puts a very high pressure on the forest. The ‘saving trees’ project brings these improved cookstoves to rural communities in Uganda. These cookstoves lower the necessity of wood by 50%, hence lowering the pressure on trees as a fuel source. This keeps the forests in Uganda healthy and keeps the carbon dioxide out of the air. Each improved cookstoves avoids 1.4 tonnes CO2 from being emitted per year.


Supporting climate projects however does more than just lowering greenhouse gasses. With these cookstoves trees don’t have to be cut down, but it doesn’t end there; also the livelihoods of the local people are greatly enhanced. The cookstoves emit less household air pollution that would otherwise have caused respiratory illnesses. Also financially it can make a huge impact on families that now have to spend less budget on charcoal or firewood. The whole supply chain of the cookstove is located in Uganda, providing jobs to local people keeping them out of poverty.


Enabel and CO2logic have been partners since 2014.





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