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Context: Belgium, 2007-2012


Challenge: To Calculate, Reduce and Offset the Bank’s CO₂-footprint down to " CO₂-Neutral"


Partnership: Degroof Bank is one of the oldest and largest independent private banks in Belgium. As the leading private bank and investment bank they take CSR very seriously. During the period 2007-2012, CO2logic partnered with Bank Degroof to calculate its CO₂-footprint to calculate their footprint and identify energy-saving measures, while the bank was concentrating on expansion. An audit of the infrastructure as well as several processes showed what factors had an impact on the environment.


Results: Over a five-year period, the bank managed to reduce its CO₂-emissions with 53%, while expanding its activities, showing a clear example of how CO₂-emissions can be reduced whilst economic expansion is continued. Moreover, Degroof Bank decided to become entirely CO₂-neutral, by offsetting the remaining emissions on yearly basis. The projects they supported to offset their GHG emissions have helped stimulate renewable energy, energy efficiency and helped save trees in Asia and Africa.

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