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Context: Belgium, 2011-2013


Challenge: To develop a user-friendly tool that enables the estimation of the impact of Envisan’s projects on the climate as well as comparing different options that provide the most climate-friendly alternative.


Partnership: Envisan is part of the Jan De Nul Group and specialises in soil and groundwater cleaning. As a company specialised in environmental technology, Envisan cannot remain indifferent to climate change. This is why CO2logic was entrusted with the development of a calculating instrument that allows them to assess the climate impact of each project. The tool will be further optimized and perfected by CO2logic in the coming years.


Results: CO2logic developed a tool that provides a climate-friendly alternative for each of the steps in the cleaning process, providing a detailed overview of the CO₂-emissions. Doing so, Envisan can decide the most climate-friendly outcome of a project. In future, an increasing number of processing sites will be audited regarding their climate impact in order to optimize and upgrade the tool. This process will not only allow the optimization of the tool, but it will also make the processing method itself more climate-friendly.


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