Credible Climate Action

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Context: Brussels, Belgium, since 2011



Challenge: To neutralize the impact of production and transport of BeFre’s sustainable bags on the climate



Partnership: Together with BeFre, CO2Logic calculated the CO2-usage of both production and transport of the reusable bags in order to neutralize their impact on the climate. BeFre’s approach is 100% compatible with CO2logic’s philosophy: to prevent and or/ reduce (the usage of plastic bags) and to offset the remaining unavoidable emissions (based on the CO2-balance of reusable bags).



Results: The CO2-footprint of each reusable bag sold by BeFre is being offset through the Ugastove-project in Uganda. This allows the local community to have access to efficient woodstoves that save up to 40% of the wood required; doing so it reduces 1,4 tonnes of CO2 per household per year. This project aims to reduce further deforestation as well as the emission of harmful pollutants within the home.



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