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Context: Update of the carbon reduction targets and ambitions of the Banque de France from 2021



The National Bank of France (Banque de France) calculates its full organisation carbon footprint since several years. After a first programme of reduction actions with 2020 targets, the Banque de France wanted to set a new carbon reduction strategy and targets.



Our mission was to provide relevant insights to enable the Banque de France to understand how to better monitor the organization carbon footprint and what could be ambitious yet realistic carbon reduction targets. To do so, we performed a review of the different carbon reduction strategies implemented by other national central banks, analysed the carbon calculations and simulate how the Banque de France may contribute to the French “Stratégie Nationale Base Carbone” or could be aligned with the Science-Based Targets initiative. As a conclusion, we notably provided suggested reduction targets, with all the following features: scope, reference year, % of reduction and targeted years.

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