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Actiris is tasked with ensuring a proper functioning of the job market in the Brussels-Capital Region and as from the year 2018 onwards they do so in a climate neutral way!

CO2logic worked closely together with Actiris on their ambition to calculate, reduce and offset the different emissions of both the headquarters and the different sites around Brussels in order to become CO2-neutral.

We did so on an extended scope in order to truly identify the areas on which Actiris can have an impact. The exercise included the climate impact from energy consumption, transport, restaurant, waste, purchased goods and IT.

After mapping their impact, Actiris is now taking the next step by setting up a climate reduction plan and strategy. The reduction efforts will mainly focus on energy saving measures and opportunities to reduce the impact of its transport.

  • Heating represents 37% of the total climate impact. Actiris has a per site overview of the energy and carbon intensity and will consider this in future decision making processes. 


  • Transport (commuting, business travels and company cars) represents 20% of the total climate impact. Actiris will both continue to gather an overview of company transport behavior through their mobility questionnaire and will also focus on sensibilization of both employees and visitors.

Actiris has committed itself to offset all of its 1.647 tCO2e emissions. To achieve this, CO2logic has been setting up projects in developing countries, helping local communities to reduce their emissions. The commitment of Actiris will enable the support of agroforestry projects. The Bolivia Agroforestry promotes sustainable agriculture and forest conservation in Eastern Zambia.

By offsetting its emissions Actiris takes full responsibility of its climate impact without passing it to future generations!

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