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Anglo-Eastern is a world leading in ship management company, having headquarters in Hong Kong and branch offices around the world (a.o. Singapore, Antwerp, Shanghai and Mumbai). They manage a diverse fleet of vessels worldwide and offer maritime training. As industry pioneer, Anglo Eastern has now committed to actively reduce their climate impact and became a CO2-Neutral neutral company.


Starting with Hong Kong office, Anglo-Eastern has calculated its CO2 emissions and has chosen to support a project of sustainable agriculture and forestry in Zambia to achieve its neutrality. Although data collection can be a cumbersome step, the open communication and willingness of the Hong Kong team made it a success. After their first carbon footprint calculation, Hong Kong office has already taken important decision allowing carbon reductions and is actively working on further reduce the carbon impact. By supporting our Zambia Agroforestry project, the company now contributes to protecting 960 ha of forest and supports 148 farmers through community conservation plans. Moreover, Anglo-Eastern is very motivated to further reduce its actual emissions and getting its other sites CO2-neutral as well!

Sector: Transport