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Laure Donck

sustainability consultant

Laure is passionate about tackling the environmental challenges that our world is currently facing and believes that it must be a priority to all organizations. She is dedicated to providing innovative solutions to support all players in their sustainability transition. Before joining CO2logic, Laure graduated with a master’s in business engineering and obtained a second master’s degree in Sustainability Management at Columbia University.



Marie Braun

Project Manager

Marie is specialized in employee experience, survey design, data collection and analysis. She is putting her project management skills and passion for the environment together to support companies implementing sustainability strategies.

Arnaud Brohé

CEO CO2logic Inc.

Arnaud is a seasoned consultant with international experience in carbon management, sustainability and ESG. Arnaud carried out the first carbon audits for the EU Emission Trading System sites back in 2005, was among the first consultants to calculate the carbon footprint of complex organizations (banks, chemical factories, universities, cities, etc.) and products (beer, chocolate, textile, cooling systems, etc.). Arnaud was co-author of several landmark reports, including for the European Commission. He published extensively on carbon accounting and carbon markets. His book Carbon Markets, for which Lord Nicholas Stern wrote the foreword, was awarded a prize by the American Library Association. Besides his role as CEO of CO2logic Inc., Arnaud is a professor of sustainable management at the Université Libre de Bruxelles and a guest lecturer at Imperial College London where he teaches carbon accounting in the MSc Climate Change, Management & Finance.


Antoine Geerinckx

founder & business development

His passion for climate & environmental issues are a daily drive to orchestrate added value services for organisations willing to pioneer and be part of the urgent transition towards a low impact economy.


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