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TED-esque Spring @ CO2logic: How Can We Save the Planet?

09 / 2018

In this TEDxColumbiaUniversity talk, Brohé, discusses the staggering benefits of carbon accounting in a global effort to save the planet from warming. In 2017, we, humans, emitted 40 billion metric tons of CO2, a volume large enough to fill 8 billion Olympic-sized swimming pools full of carbon dioxide! We now understand that these emissions are disrupting our climate and fragile ecosystems.  Discover what we think is the number one method for change and become climate optimists.

CO2Logic will be in San Francisco at the Global Climate Action Summit

09 / 2018

The 2018 GCAS, will bring together state and local governments, business and citizens from around the world to inspire deeper national commitments in support of the Paris Agreement. This is something we could not miss. CO2Logic will be in San Francisco for the entire week. We will present at the Nasdaq affiliate event on the intersection of entrepreneurship and climate innovation. CO2Logic will also calculate and offset the emissions of this Nasdaq event as well as the emissions of the Carbon Tax Forum.  

Save the date for our Climate Week NYC event at The New School

09 / 2018

In 2018, for nearly 3 billion people each day, cooking is conducted on open fires or rudimentary cookstoves that are fueled by coal or unsustainable wood. At a time when pressure to take climate action is increasing, supporting clean cookstoves climate protection projects is ranked as one of the most efficient solution to stabilize our climate and make a positive impact in the world. In addition to the climate benefits associated with their use, clean cookstoves and fuels support vulnerable communities around the world in ways that can be life-changing: empowering women and girls, providing new local jobs, improving health and protecting biodiversity.

Is my green electricity contract zero carbon?

09 / 2018

Start Up Tomorrow recently published an article that summarizes some of the main issues we see with renewable electricity contracts. Here is an extract from their article as well as our take on this and the consequences we see for your carbon accounting and climate strategy.

A new book celebrating the life of the first global conservationist will be certified CO2 Neutral

09 / 2018

The carbon emissions resulting from the production of a book celebrating the life of pioneering environmentalist Richard St. Barbe Baker have been calculated, reduced and offset to render the book “carbon neutral”. CO2Logic offers the CO2-Neutral certification to organizations that calculate, reduce and offset their climate impact. The CO2-Neutral label is validated by Vinçotte, an international independent certification body. 

Recap of our Sustainable Finance Event

09 / 2018

On June 25, CO2Logic co-hosted an event on the Future of Sustainable Finance with B-Hive. Theevening started with an introduction of our guest of honor, the Belgian Minister of Finance, Johan Van Overtveldt. He emphasized the importance of finding a clear definition of what sustainable finance truly means and how more transparency between institutions, practices and different stakeholders will create more efficient markets and help keep track of their performance. 

Sustainability and healthy food guru Chloé Vichot

Why Ancolie became CO2 Neutral and why it matters?

04 / 2018

Interview with Chloé Vichot, Founder & Chef at Food Establishment Ancolie

Climate Action Workshop in Louisville, Kentucky

04 / 2018

In March, CO2logic organized a workshop on carbon accounting and climate action together with Louisville Metro at Louisville Free Public Library. This event, attended by more than 20 sustainability professionals) was an opportunity to review the solutions presented in Paul Hawken’s latest book Project Drawdown and see how they are applicable for Louisville metro and Kentucky. 

Climate Salon informs and inspires business leaders

04 / 2018

Companies and industries thrive on stability and predictability. That’s why business leaders worry about climate change. They know it destabilizes the economic environment and disrupts business processes. 

CDP 2018 Reporting: How will the new climate questionnaire affect your company?

04 / 2018

CDP responses are due by July 31 2018 for investor requests and August 16 2018 for supply chain requests.  More than half of the questions are completely new or modified compared to 2017. Main changes include:

Planetaria Celebrates Earth Night

04 / 2018

On the eve of Earth Day 2018, DJs For Climate Action is launching EARTH NIGHT—a global party to celebrate the planet, and raise funds for climate action. 

Save the date(s): Where to meet us in the coming weeks?

04 / 2018

April 21: Earth Night @HouseOfYes (Brooklyn)

More info:


April 22: TEDx talk @ Columbia University

Arnaud from CO2logic will be giving a TEDx talk @ Columbia Univerity

More info:

Society saves $6 for every dollar spent on climate change resilience

01 / 2018

In financial terms, 2017 was the worst year for natural disasters in American history, costing the country $306 billion. Scientists agree that hurricanes, floods, and fires are now turbo-charged by climate change, which the president and many top Republican leaders still refuse to acknowledge. But even while the federal government fails to address the root of the problem, there are ways to limit the damage from these increasingly frequent events — in property, and, more importantly, in human life.

Green Sahel, the first Plan Vivo certified climate project in Burkina Faso

11 / 2017

CO2logic is proud to announce it managed to have the “Green Sahel” climate project certified by Plan Vivo. It is the first certified project of its kind in Burkina Faso. 

What is the CO2 Neutral label?

11 / 2017

As a pioneer in sustainable development CO2logic gives a competitive edge to responsible companies by allowing them to be recognized for their climate change efforts.


By obtaining the ‘CO2 Neutral’ certification, organizations can illustrate their environmental efforts, going further than the usual cost-efficient reductions. ‘CO2 Neutral’ organizations internalize their external climate impact and take responsibility for it. They put a price/cost for the organization on every tonne of CO2 they cannot yet reduce.


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