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"By choosing CO2 neutrality you choose to take responsibility for the true impact of your CO2 emissions instead of shifting it to society and future generations"

What we do

The CO2logic Approach

Since 2007 CO2logic has developed a unique approach. It is a simple yet effective 4 step low carbon transition plan providing outstanding results for all types of organisations.

The CO2logic Approach

Tailored solutions

All organisations face different environmental challenges, specific certifications, regulations, reporting, declarations or sector-related accreditation needs. Luckily most certifications (Breeam, Lean & Green, C2C, CO2 Neutral, Leed…) and declarations (EPD, CO2-prestatieladder, CDP, ISO…)  require similar entry-points or assessments. 

Our climate projects

CO2logic has built important expertise in the assessment & development of climate projects. Supporting climate projects through the offsetting of your organization’s  remaining emissions is the third complementary step for a robust climate strategy. 

Case studies

Reducing Barco’s Carbon Footprint Worldwide


Context: Worldwide, 2015


Challenge: to significantly reduce the carbon footprint of all of Barco’s sites worldwide, starting with the headquarters in Belgium


Reducing Le Pain Quotidien’s Carbon Footprint Across New York


Context: USA (New York), 2013- present


Challenge: To help Le Pain Quotidien pursue its commitments to sustainability by rendering its New York-based restaurants carbon neutral.


Holcim’s CO₂-Neutral Sites


Context: Belgium, 2007-2014


Challenge: To calculate, reduce and offset the CO₂-emissions on various sites Holcim has in Belgium (Izegem, Leffe, Brussels) in order to become CO₂-neutral


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